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If you work in sales operations or sales leadership, do you believe you’re responsible for customer experience? Or should that be left up to marketing and customer service folks? Should you look into technologies that enable a better customer experience?

Ten years ago, your answer would likely have been: probably not.

At that time, the term customer experience was just being formalized into a set of practices. But a lot has changed in 10 years, and there’s been a revolution in how customers interact with companies in both the consumer and B2B worlds.

Now that sales automation, in particular what we often refer to as CRM, has taken hold in companies, it has become linked to sales experiences, which in turn is linked to customer experiences.

SAP Sales Cloud General Manager Giles House recently had a discussion with CRM expert and thought leader Paul Greenberg, author of the best-selling “CRM at the Speed of Light,” to talk through these recent changes.

One of the insights from the discussion was that customers increasingly want a company that they like and is “like them.” In other words, they want a deep connection. They want to be valued. At the same time, they are willing and able to churn to another vendor quickly.

As Greenberg puts it, they want “humanization,” not “personalization.”

They also want speed and relevant information quickly, and multiple means of interaction. According to Accenture, nearly half of consumers (48 percent) are comfortable crossing back and forth between digital and physical interactions with companies, even within a single interaction. Customers choose the form of engagement they believe will best solve a particular problem.

So speed and convenience. That’s what customers expect now due to digital consumer technologies, and it is now just as important in the B2B realm. So yes, sales ops and leaders, customer experience is in your future as well.

Listen to the entire fascinating discussion here.

Author Bio

Jennifer Kling

Jennifer Kling is Sr. Product Marketing Manager at CallidusCloud with over 16 years experience in sales and marketing roles in the high-tech industry. As a product marketer, she is responsible for applying market research to product messaging. She loves a good debate - whether it is over the most effective sales incentives or the Oxford comma.



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